Restaurant franchise

Despite the reduction in eating out, the franchising formula has succeeded in revitalizing the restaurant sector.

Eating meals “out”, with its reduction of 65% in the occasions of eating in restaurants, bars and pizzerias, is at the top of the reduction in expenditures for Italians. The cause lies in the progressive reduction in income, resulting in changing habits and eating choices.

In times of crisis people reduce expenses, moving from the middle segment to the two extremes: the low cost and top; if then these two aspects are included within one activity we are seeing real events of trailblazing.

New types of restaurants: the triumph of street food (in franchising)

Soluzioni counts among its brands some of the great occurrences of franchise restaurants that have managed to adapt to economic and social change, offering a fast food and quality, while maintaining low costs for the end consumer.

The genius of some franchised brands was to create subcategories in street food, placing itself on the highest step of the podium as the first and only leader of that sector, completing the strategy with a layout and communication in line with its target.

Street food has always existed, in some cities actually rooted on a par with traditional dining, but last year our city streets filled with lots of micro businesses through their innovation, often combined with the revival of ancient local traditions (such as the “Urban Tavern”), providing a new impetus to sales in an industry that was experiencing a real setback.

Street food has also conquered people in their forties, allowing them to wander among the varied dining proposals while keeping the check on average very low, allowing them to return to go out every night.

Finally the success of street food comes from intercepting falling consumption and the evolution of attitudes towards restaurant models as “point of purchase” and “in the open”, which as early as 2012 had shown interesting growth (source NDP Group).


Be careful though not to think that it is enough to open a fried food or a pizza place to ride the wave of street food. This new type of customers pays great attention to image, the quality and exclusivity of the product offered, so unless you are prepared to create a new subcategory, rely on those brands of franchises that have already made it on the market.