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Solgest is the Soluzioni program for franchise development and winning management in the contact-contract cycle.

In the course of its experience in franchise consulting, Soluzioni has succeeded in studying the franchising market and identifying strengths and potential pitfalls. This awareness becomes available every day in service to the customers who decide to entrust the SOLGEST program for the development of their franchise network.

The SOLGEST program represents the strength of our franchising consulting company: through a series of targeted commercial strategies and thanks to perfect management of the contact-contract cycle, we attract the highest percentages of closings in the market of consulting to franchisors.

Soluzioni program for Franchise Consulting

Here’s briefly what our program consists of:

  1. Brand Check Up

Analysis of the affiliate agreement, operating manual, affiliation formula, website marketing strategies, the first contact email and attachments. Any corrective moves that, if required, can be developed by the team, or be accomplished in outsourcing.

  1. Posting on for the duration of the relationship

For the duration of the partnership, our clients will be featured on the web portal , a website maintained by the Soluzioni team and placed on the first page of Google with the main keywords that relate to the franchise.

  1. DEM and inclusion in the newsletter

Soluzioni distributes to its potential DEM franchisees database (over 10,000 names at this time but still growing) a newsletter aimed at raising brand awareness and their activities.

  1. Offices located in a 350m2 facility

Thanks to the growth of the customer base and group activities Soluzioni required the opening of a new facility of over 350m2. Inside the offices, a training room with 40 workstations and a call center with 8 workstations. Thanks to the SOLGEST program, clients can enjoy the facilities of Soluzioni Virtual Office and Temporary office at reduced prices.

  1. Custom program for managing contacts

Contact management is the real highlight of Soluzioni: we are able to ensure the highest percentage of closings in the market of franchising consulting through careful and rational planning of calls, sending information material and subsequent re-calls. Our team of sales advisors is extremely prepared for customers, managing by acquiring a knowledge of the dynamics of the company they represent so that they can answer every question asked of them.


gestione contatti Soluzioni

It starts with the welcome call within 24 hours and subsequently sending the full brochure for the first contact email and continues finally with the re-call within 48 hours to verify real interest towards the brand.

It is at this stage that the Soluzioni team’s motivational training approach makes a difference.

The penultimate act provides for a visit, called InfoDay, to the potential affiliate at the Soluzioni headquarters to clear the last step on the path. Then follows the signing of a pre-contract, the meeting with the parent company and the signing of the affiliation contract.

The scope of this management includes research for the ideal location and the related geomarketing analysis.

To achieve the highest levels of performance, Soluzioni uses a management software that enables the best optimization of contact management. Using alerts it is possible to program the callbacks without neglecting any potential affiliate. At any moment it is possible to send a detailed report, updated in real time.

Using these strategies, Soluzioni has set up a team of expert advisors that manages a portfolio of clients including dozens and dozens of brands.

  1. Free training courses at our headquarters

Between one course and the other, 3 months of Coach Marketing support will be delivered via email and Skype

With these basic activities, there are several options:

Inclusion of an article on Millionaire and/or AZ Franchising

Thanks to its excellent relations with both the publishers and our customers, you can benefit from a preferential channel to save costs by optimizing the most presence in the magazine

Trade fairs and events

Participation in the fairs for franchising with dedicated offers and customized booths, and for those who want it also for collective subscriptions.

Open Day Franchising

Right of first refusal for events of Open Day Franchising related to your industry area.


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