Franchise development


For the development and growth of your franchise, trust Soluzioni! We are leaders in consulting and development of franchising networks. Here are some of the activities you could enjoy:

  • Free check of your own format
  • Improved performance of your format
  • You could work with all the contacts interested in joining your franchise network through the SOLGEST program and also have the use of preferential channels for trade shows and franchise magazines.


Our philosophy about franchise development

Over the past few years, the characteristics of new entrepreneurs who started their own business in franchising have changed greatly. Once this area was approached by the classic serial entrepreneurs, who used the franchise system to speed up the start up of their new business in order to diversify and explore new markets.

Nowadays, due to hard economic times the majority of new entrepreneurs who have approached the franchise field are former workers, the chronically unemployed, outsiders or graduates without professional outlets.With their background they hardly have the basic conditions to address the current business world such as tolerance for risk, problem solving skills, some special administrative skills as well as the necessary amount of capital to start-up new businesses.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of actual advisors that emerge between franchisors and potential franchisees, instead of reflecting current market needs, have been linked to the old stereotypes as they continue to perform poorly throughout the starting cycle of their new business.

Soluzioni, one of the latest counseling companies to reach the market (though for a decade having managed such a successful brand as Color Glo), was able to observe from a privileged point of view the main competitors, assessing the best solutions to franchisors and potential franchisees.

Our franchise development services

Soluzioni offers its costumers 360o assistance in franchise development.

1) Free check-up of franchise brand and format

This first step is pivotal for establishing the targets to achieve and the strategies to be implemented to meet them. Soluzioni’s team will analyze all the material provided by the franchisor, such as the operations manual, the affiliation agreement, the business plan and the marketing and communication plans. Based on the results from the check up, it will define what changes should be made in order to improve the performance of the format. Soluzioni provides its team to get such services as specific drafting manuals or business and financial plans.


2) Analysis and definition of the ideal candidate

sviluppo franchisingIn this phase the ideal franchisee’s profile will be defined in terms of socio-demographic features (e.g., sex, age, level of education),on financial availability, prior experience, motivation and entrepreneurial skills.Identifying the key elements is essential for the proper implementation of SOLGEST software: in this manner we will now focus on the names that are the most suitable to undertake a business franchise, or those that really have the possibility for success.



3) Selection and assessment of the location for new openings

soluzioniThe ideal locations for new openings are identified thanks to a careful geo-marketing analysis. This consists of screening a defined area, according to some fixed criteria such as population size and density, the presence of competitors, urbanization and other variables, determined according to franchisor’s core business (gender composition, age, predisposition to a certain consumer behavior, etc.). It is important to find the right location to open your own franchise business and ensure a huge and lasting success. 


 4)  Access to privileged communication channels in magazines and industry portals 

franchising sviluppoThanks to decades of experience in the field and its great capacity for creating synergies and collaborations, Soluzioni guarantees its customers reduced prices for implementing communication in the main franchising trade magazines and major portals dedicated to franchising.Franchise development is created, in fact, necessarily by the brand consolidation and awareness. For this reason, presence in the magazines and on the major portals is the mandatory choice for the franchisor. Thanks to Soluzioni the visibility and noted advantageous conditions are available. Here is a sample of pages and articles from our customers.


5) SOLGEST software implementation

solgestThe SOLGEST path from contact to contract provides the franchisor a guarantee for the careful management of all the candidates names to become the new affiliates. The approach to potential new affiliates starts through a motivational training program, whose purpose is to orientate and guide to the best choice.The path runs beyond any affiliation, allowing the new franchisee to attend a free training course for his start up activity.

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